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Delphi introduces new diesel common rail system family at Vienna Motor Symposium; up to 2,500 bar

Delphi Automotive PLC introduced a new family of diesel common rail systems including diesel solenoid injectors, fuel pumps, engine control units (ECU) and rails for light- and medium-duty applications at the International Vienna Motor Symposium. The new family of technologies will be available later this year on a new engine of a major European car manufacturer.

The new injector family comprises three new solenoid injectors offering a rising level of performance available for targeted vehicle segments and regions. The equipment offers improved performance through injection pressure increased up to 2,500 bar; leakage reduction; and increased multiple injection optimization, as the fuel injectors are capable of up to nine injections per cycle.

These innovations translate into better injection control and better combustion, therefore reducing fuel consumption, CO2 and other emissions.

The new common rail high pressure pump family consists of single- and two-plunger fuel-lubricated pumps as well as oil-lubricated pumps. The rail family features a Delphi High-Pressure Valve and includes a new patented oblong rail.

The new diesel ECUs deliver increased input/output capability and includes an evolution of the microprocessor to a multicore architecture for more processing power.

Benefits of Delphi’s new Diesel Common Rail systems family include:

  • Lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through improved combustion; weight reduction; and hydraulic, mechanical and electrical efficiency.

  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions through simpler, modular component features and optimized functions. Delphi’s modular approach for its common rail systems allows robust design with a range of performances matching different engine needs.

  • Fun to drive and reliable through low combustion noise; high performance and worldwide diesel fuel robustness.



Recently, Denso introduced their 2500 bar common rail system (e.g. the new Volvo 4-cyl engine family). Now, Delphi has also launched a 2500 bar system. So far, Bosch offer no more than 2200 bar and 2000 bar is predominant. What are they doing in Stuttgart? Nothing? I noted that the new BMW 2.0 diesel is using the Bosch 2000 bar CR system. If Bosch will not catch up soon, BMW might have to re-consider Bosch as a supplier (?).

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