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Johnson Controls to supply absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries to SAIC for start-stop vehicles in China

Johnson Controls has signed a new long-term automotive battery supply agreement with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor) to provide its Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries to power SAIC Motor’s Start-Stop vehicles.

The China region is Johnson Controls’ primary target for market expansion.

The leading global supplier of automotive batteries, Johnson Controls has produced nearly 20 million AGM batteries since 2007. By 2020, Johnson Controls estimates that 175 million vehicles around the globe will include Start-Stop technology. In Europe, already more than half of new vehicles built feature Start-Stop. Johnson Controls is investing in AGM technology globally to increase production capacity for North America, Europe and China.

Start-Stop technology turns off a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle comes to a stop. When a driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal or engages the clutch, the engine turns back on. Compared with a conventional combustion engine, Start-Stop can provide an estimated 5-8% fuel savings.

Johnson Controls entered the Chinese automotive supply market with batteries in 2005 and continues to invest in bringing advanced technologies, capacity and technical capabilities to China. Today, Johnson Controls employs more than 26,000 people in China. Johnson Controls is in the process of building a new corporate headquarters in Shanghai.


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