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Eight Japanese automakers and one automobile research institute—Suzuki Motor; Daihatsu Motor; Toyota Motor; Nissan Motor; Fuji Heavy Industries; Honda R&D; Mazda Moto; Mitsubishi Motors; and Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)—have jointly established the Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines (AICE). AICE’s president is Keiji Otsu, Managing Officer, Honda R&D.

The participating automakers will work together to identify and to present research needs that address issues and challenges facing the automakers in the area of more fuel efficient combustion technologies for internal combustion engines and technologies which achieve cleaner tailpipe emissions.

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The AICE members will jointly conduct basic and applied research utilizing knowledge and expertise amassed in academia. The ultimate purpose of AICE is to utilize the research results to help accelerate the development activities of each automaker. Toward this end, AICE will operate under the following two principles:

  1. AICE brings together the knowledge and expertise of industry, academia and the government to strengthen the fundamental technologies of internal combustion engines—which will remain one of most promising power sources in the future—and contribute to the enduring enhancement of the world-leading industrial strength of Japan.

  2. Promoting research conducted through mutual enlightenment among industry, academia and the government, AICE strives to improve Japan’s collective expertise in the area of internal combustion engines and to nurture engineers and leaders who will continue promoting collaboration among industry, academia and the government.

For issues and challenges in the areas of combustion and aftertreatment technologies, AICE will scientifically explain, give shape to and develop evaluation methods for each phenomenon, and the results of AICE research will be available to be incorporated into the product development conducted by each participating automaker. Through these initiatives, AICE will strive to realize the practical use of advanced technologies toward promoting the market introduction of higher-performance, more fuel-efficient and cleaner internal combustion engines.

Through this effort, AICE strives to further advance Japan’s combustion technologies for internal combustion engines and technologies that achieve cleaner tailpipe emissions and contribute to the enhancement of Japan’s global competitiveness. Moreover, AICE also will focus on nurturing a wide range of human resources.

The budget for AICE is approximately ¥1 billion (roughly US$9.9 million, including a subsidy granted from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the fiscal year started 1 April 2014.


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