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Bolloré launches electric car sharing service in Indianapolis

France-based Bolloré Group launched the BlueIndy electric car sharing advice in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Mayor of Indianapolis chose to align this event with the opening of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) conference. EDTA usually holds its yearly conference in Washington, DC, but this year chose Indianapolis, renowned city in the automotive industry, primarily because of the BlueIndy launch.

The Bolloré Group will invest approximately $35 million in Indianapolis for the project which will result in the largest electric car sharing service in the United States. This marks the first deployment of the Group’s end-to-end electric car sharing solution. The service is based on the successful Autolib’ in Paris; Bluely in Lyon; and Bluecub in Bordeaux.

The BlueIndy service, which will open within eight months, will include up to 500 electric vehicles and 200 service locations fitted with 1,000 charging stations.

The Bolloré Group has already deployed nearly 3,000 Bluecars equipped with Blue Solutions batteries.


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