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GM has installed 401 EV charge stations at its facilities in US; 5,900 at dealerships

Based on growing employee demand, General Motors has installed 401 electric vehicle charging stations at its US production and business facilities; nearly 160 of these are at various manufacturing facilities. More than 20% of the stations use electricity generated from solar canopies to help charge employee vehicles.

The majority of the stations are located at GM’s large engineering and corporate facilities in Michigan, where employee EV ownership is growing steadily. All charge stations are available free of charge to GM employees and visitors.

GM’s commitment to installing a workplace charging infrastructure is among the most expansive of any corporation in the US. Workplace charging is one of the most important things a company can do to raise plug-in electric vehicle awareness and energize employees. Once employees see how easy it is to plug in at home and work, and they realize the fuel savings, plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt begin to sell themselves.

—Britta Gross, director of GM advanced vehicle commercialization policy

In addition to the workplace charging, GM has another 400 charge spots dedicated exclusively to vehicle development and testing. Chevrolet and Cadillac dealers have installed approximately 5,900 charge stations at their locations for owner use—17 of these dealerships use solar charging canopies.

GM’s charging count follows the US Department of Energy’s announcement that 75 businesses have committed to participate in its Workplace Charging Challenge to install charging stations for their employees.

The Workplace Charging Challenge, of which GM is a founding member, seeks to persuade US employers to commit to provide electric vehicle charging access to employees through partnership, advocacy and promotion.



"All charge stations are available free of charge to GM employees and visitors."

Great! Perhaps GM US should drop their thousand part recall prone ICE and go EV..


All this bev thing is based on communism mentality and policies. It is not working good. Most of these chargers will be empty most of the time and it cost billions.


Very funny?

Nick Lyons

Yo, gor: "communism mentality"??

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