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DeltaWing Technologies Inc. released a rendering of an application of its DeltaWing aerodynamic and lightweight design architecture—currently competing in IMSA sports car road races in the form of the DeltaWing race car—as a street-legal, four-passenger car. DeltaWing Technologies is seeking OEM partners, with the ultimate goal of licensing the DeltaWing vehicle architecture that is 35% lighter, requires 35% less horsepower, and consumes 35% less fuel.

Dw four-seat chassis red
Rendering of DeltaWing road car. Click to enlarge.

The current performance targets are 0-60 mph in about six seconds, 130 mph top test-track speed, and up to 70 mpg when using a small displacement, four-cylinder engine producing between 85 and 110 horsepower.

The four cornerstones of the DeltaWing approach are reduced weight, increased powertrain efficiency, decreased energy consumption, and improved aerodynamics.

DeltaWing racer in action at the 2014 Continental Tire Monterey GP. Click to enlarge.

The narrow-track front wheelbase incorporates smaller width tires. The rear-engine design places the center of gravity far to the rear. That results in significantly less weight on the front axles, reducing rolling resistance and further increasing efficiency. Handling is agile, as demonstrated by the narrow front track of the DeltaWing race car.

Many of the aerodynamic, lightweight and handling benefits of the race car can translate to the street. We are competing at the highest levels of road racing with half the weight, half the horsepower, and nearly half of the fuel consumption. We believe we can deliver similar results on the street without compromising safety, comfort and performance. We have a formula that's highly efficient and still fun to drive.

—Don Panoz, chairman of DeltaWing Technologies Inc.

DeltaWing said that its road car computer-aided design styling and modular platform engineering plans are very far along and at the point where further work would focus on OEM-specific needs.



Half the weight, half the power and half the fuel consumption is interesting. Would half the length also help?





@ dursun

With over 40% of todays Americans over weight, your suggestion makes sense. Wouldn't half stomach + a 20% sales tax on junk food make more sense?


This reminds me of the cave man that improved on the square wheel.

He made triangular one.

One less bump.

- Half-assed is right.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugly is universal. Delta wing is ugly.

It may be "fun to drive" in the technical sense, but it would be not fun to have to explain why your car is so ugly. You would have to wear a disguise.

Delta wing, why are you still here?

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