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Kinetics’ NexDrive EV3-850 + PowerPhase HD electric drive system. Click to enlarge.

Kinetics Drive Solutions Inc. and Portugal-based Efacec Electric Mobility, S.A. are collaborating to deliver full-vehicle propulsion systems for electric buses. This solution is engineered to provide bus OEMs a fully integrated and optimized system that can be implemented on various platforms with minimal engineering development. Efacec’s first electric bus with the NexDrive solution will be deployed for field operation in July.

In April, UQM Technologies Inc. and Kinetics announced their collaboration to offer an integrated electric motor and multi-speed transmission system for commercial vehicle applications (earlier post); that system is used in the Kinetics/Efacec solution.

With this partnership, Efacec compliments its energy storage and charging capabilities with a drive system that is fully automated and specifically designed for electric traction.

By working with Kinetics we are able to deliver in a shorter time a complete technology suit to enable our bus partners to response quickly to market demands. We see a synergy between both organizations’ expertise whereby Efacec provides the energy system and charging, vehicle control strategy and Kinetics, the drive system.

—Pedro Silva, Managing Director at Efacec

This system includes Kinetics’ NexDrive EV3-850 intelligent 3-speed dual clutch transmission, designed and developed specifically for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and Kinetics’ transmission controls which works harmoniously with UQM’s PowerPhase electric motor enabling the system to operate at peak efficiency for extended battery performance and vehicle range.

Efacec’s technology and solutions include on-board energy systems, such as batteries, high voltage distribution, auxiliary converter, charging system, control and monitoring; and off-board charging system for all types of electric vehicles. Efacec offers both CHAdeMO and SAE/CCS chargers.

With core expertise in electronics, Efacec provides the overall controls strategy, energy systems and both on-board and off-board charging solutions, and incorporates systems from its selected partners of batteries and drive systems.

Efacec Electric Mobility, S.A. is a company of the Efacec Group dedicated to the field of electric mobility. The team is a leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and also works with bus manufacturers in delivering on-board energy and drive systems and charging systems designed for each application.

Kinetics Drive Solutions is a multi-disciplinary engineering company providing intelligent drive systems and control solutions for mobile applications.


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