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Johnson Controls partners with UW-Madison on battery lab

Johnson Controls is partnering with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to establish a new battery laboratory at the Wisconsin Energy Institute on the campus. The company’s donation to the facility includes advanced battery testing technology, which will allow students, faculty and engineers to study and to optimize energy storage systems. The research is intended to enable manufacturers to build systems that utilize battery power more efficiently.

The lab, called the Johnson Controls Advanced Systems Test Lab, will support research focused on vehicular and stationary energy. The project will team industry scientists with UW professors, graduate students and undergraduate students.

The UW-Madison partnership complements Johnson Controls’ existing partnership with UW-Milwaukee. At UW-Milwaukee, Johnson Controls scientists are working with university research staff and students to develop new energy storage materials.

The partnership enables students there to expand their knowledge in a test lab on campus. Once cells are clustered into energy storage solutions in the form of battery modules or systems, those systems can be tested at the new UW-Madison lab. The tests conducted at UW-Madison could come as part of the engineering development phase or final product testing phase. The lab will be equipped to test batteries both inside and outside of a vehicle.

Johnson Controls partners with universities around the world. In addition to the University of Wisconsin system universities, the company currently has partnerships with Fraunhofer Institute in Germany; Argonne National Lab; Lawrence Technological University; Ohio State University; Milwaukee School of Engineering; Hannover University; Aachen University; University of Cambridge; and University of Science and Technology-Beijing.



Go Badgers! Madison is almost as weird as Austin, which makes it fun, and rich in technical talent.

I have let my membership in WEMPEC lapse as I no longer need to be so close to Power Electronics technology -- one of those sad transitions in life for me. A great University and a real American treasure.

Note that JCI also works closely with Fraunhofer, which IMO is Europe's industrial/academic jewel.

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