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The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources has selected the nonprofit, California-based Center for Sustainable Energy to administer a new incentive program aimed at increasing the number of zero-emission vehicles commonwealth residents own. The Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program will provide up to $2,500 for the purchase or lease of plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs).

The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) was selected to conduct program administration, marketing, and consumer and dealer education in order to engage car consumers in choosing eligible EVs and applying for rebates. CSE is a branch of the California Center for Sustainable Energy, administrator of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project for the California Air Resources Board and the only third-party organization in the nation to manage statewide clean vehicle incentive programs. This is the first vehicle rebate program that CSE will manage outside of California.

Currently, Massachusetts residents drive more than 3,600 EVs. Commonwealth officials intend the MOR-EV program to serve as a catalyst for increasing EV adoption while supporting goals to reduce transportation sector emissions as part of the state’s Clean Energy and Climate Plan. CSE was selected to administer the MOR-EV program through June 2015 with an initial funding of $1.86 million for rebates on a first-come, first-served basis.

In support of MOR-EV program outreach, the CSE is partnering with the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, a Boston‐based regional air pollution control agency that recently helped coordinate and draft the Northeast States Governors’ Memorandum of Understanding to ensure maximum deployment of zero-emission vehicles in the region.

The MOR-EV incentives will cover eligible vehicles purchased or leased as of 18 June 2014, and consumers can start applying that day. A website with information on program details, eligible vehicles, incentive amounts and rebate applications will be online 18 June 18 at


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