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DNV GL has initiated a joint industry project to define next-generation LNG carrier. The aim is to develop a new LNG carrier that has a significantly improved environmental footprint and is more energy efficient and better suited to future trading patterns than existing vessels. The project will include the latest technology advances in cargo containment and propulsion efficiency, with focus on improving the environmental performance.

DNV GL has brought together experts from across the industry, including GTT, Hyundai Heavy Industries and GasLog, each contributing their expertise and experience.

Recent technological developments make this a good time to look forward to a new generation of ships. Using tools such as our COSSMOS power management design computer platform and state-of-the-art hull optimization software, we are confident it is possible to develop a vessel that will be future competitive and future compliant, with significant advances across a range of features, including speed-range flexibility, hull form and boil-off rate.

—Martin Davies, the project manager at DNV GL

The project is due for completion by the end of this year.


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