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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has entered a cooperative agreement with Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) to strengthen collaborations in manufacturing automation, industrial robotics, machine perception and machine vision.

The agreement calls for sharing research information between the two organizations to help collectively solve robot software research problems; the mutual exchange of free-of-charge software licenses; and organizing conferences, seminars and symposia to ensure continued development in open-source software for robotics.

OSRF, an independent, non-profit organization, fosters the open-source Robot Operating System known as ROS, and provides open-source libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications, as well as the Gazebo robot simulator, which is widely used within the ROS community and elsewhere. SwRI led the development of ROS-Industrial, an open-source project that extends the capabilities of ROS to industrial applications.

The ROS-Industrial Consortium is a membership organization led by SwRI to provide cost-shared applied research and development for advanced factory automation.

The SwRI-OSRF collaboration will help facilitate the expansion of software tools and resources for a number of stakeholders including ROS-Industrial users. Because OSRF sets both the short- and longer-term strategies for the ROS core software, this closer working relationship will help ensure the strategic direction for both ROS and ROS-Industrial are well aligned.

—SwRI Senior Research Engineer Paul Hvass, who heads the ROS-Industrial Consortium


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