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Bombardier introduces new, more efficient and cleaner Evinrude outboards

Bombardier Recreational Products & Vehicles (BRP) has introduced a new two-stroke direct-injection outboard engine that produces up to 75% fewer total regulated emissions, with 15% better fuel efficiency and 20% more torque than leading four-stroke engines: the G2 engines, the next generation of Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines. Engine output ranges from 200 to 300 hp.

They new G2 engines—3.4-liter (3441 cc) V6 (74˚) outboards—release one-fifth of the carbon monoxide emissions of a four-stroke engine at idle and are compliant with stringent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Union (EU), and California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-Star ultra-low emissions standards.

Using advanced computational fluid dynamics software developed by the University of Wisconsin, BRP crafted the entire engine around the moment of combustion and developed the first outboard engine block designed specifically for direct-injection technology.

The E-TEC incorporates pistons made from a new alloy originally developed by NASA. This alloy has proven to be 2 to 3 times stronger at operating temperature than the aluminum alloys pistons are traditionally made with. The pistons are full-skirt pistons; the internal design of the block (the intake, exhaust and transfer ports) doesn’t require machining “port windows” into the piston. This combined with the new alloy, increase the piston strength and durability.

The efficient piston/cylinder design provides performance while also providing 15% more fuel efficiency versus competitive outboards.

Improvements Bombardier initiated to the Engine Management Module (EMM) beginning with 2002 production—such as a 30% thicker pc board and increased cooling for components— have been designed into the EMM for the Evinrude E-TEC outboards.

BRP’s ICON Throttle allows the control and synchronization of multiple engines at the same time while fine tuning the RPMs by 1% increments to find the perfect combination to maximize fuel economy.



This engine might increase overall pollution because it will sale more because of the increase in mpg. This serve only as leisure and the Chinese, the Russians, the brasilians, the Indians the arabs will buy that and start polluting the air and water because of the increase in performance. It will increase petrol consumption everywhere only for the fun of this devil machine. Peoples will put 2 of these on a single boats and organize races and show it on tv, I saw these races last week on tv. Peoples will buy big f-150 to tow these boats instead of a small economy car and they will get out of the house to reach far away lakes and rivers or the ocean.

As soon as you increase the mpg, gas consumption increase because people buy newer bigger vehicles and use them more often because of the new hype, nobody is going to work with these boats.


According to the law of Conspiracy, this will happen in any field whatever we try with improved technology to reduce fuel consumption. However, I do not agree. If improved technology is combined with economic incentives, we can have the best of both worlds. We do not have to change our way of life very much but we can use less energy. The EU is one such example. We have tough regulations on CO2 but manufacturers also develop technology to reduce CO2. The USA is an opposite example, i.e. it shows what will happen if there are no incentives. Efficient vehicles are not marketed, customers buy gas guzzlers, emissions of greenhouse gases increase and no fossil resources will be left to future generations. Perhaps gor is only familiar with this kind of politics.


Hi Peter,

Although the CO2-GlobalWarming thing is a complete political farse, the USA has been decreasing overall greenhouse gas emissions by significant margins, WITHOUT government regulations.

EU citizens are stupid enough to allow their politicians to pass CO2 nonsense like sheep off to slaughter.....


For the record, I'm a US citizen living in EU.....


I would like to know more of the technical specs on this engine and how they manage to run cleaner than a 4-stroke engine. Unfortunately, they do not have any cutaway drawings in their literature. Are they using the back side of the piston for pumping as is common for 2-stroke engines or do they run a separate pump/supercharger? Are they running exhaust after treatment? Most likely. Anyway, these engines are not light. The 300 hp engine weighs 558 lb

Roger Pham

Either CO2 regulation to encourage more solar and wind capacity like Germany and Denmark, or be at the mercy of Gazprom and OPEC! Ukraine has no more money to pay for their gas bill!

It is quite a feat that this 2-stroke piston-ported engine can meet all global emission regulation and has extended running time before shop maintenance. I wonder what is the emission specs of this G2 engine in term of CO2, NOx, HC and CO per kWh?


Hi Roger,

I also am quite interested to see what the emissions profile is....

My guess is that marine emissions regs are more lax than on-road. Time to go look it up....

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