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Intelligent Energy joins H2USA

UK-based Intelligent Energy will join H2USA (earlier post) to contribute to the consortium, wherever possible, using the knowledge and experience it has gained from its involvement in similar European hydrogen programs in Germany, the UK and France.

Intelligent Energy specializes in the development of modular, low carbon fuel cell systems.

H2USA was established in 2013 by the US Department of Energy and other stakeholders. A public-private partnership, the group focuses on accelerating the rollout of hydrogen refueling infrastructure for fuel cell electric vehicles and related technologies in America. Members of H2USA include automotive OEMs, industrial gas companies, other industrial partners and bodies. It includes American Honda Motor Company, Hyundai Motor America, Toyota Motor North America, Chrysler Group LLC and Mercedes-Benz USA. The State of California also joined recently.

We have had a permanent presence in California for more than a decade. Thus, it is very important for us to be actively involved in this program. We can build on our existing understanding of local requirements alongside the experience we have gained from similar programs in Europe.

—James Batchelor, Managing Director – Motive at Intelligent Energy


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