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Delphi Automotive PLC will unveil the second generation of its Technology Truck concept highlighting future technologies at the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles show being held 25 Sept - 2 Oct in Hannover, Germany.

Among the technologies Delphi will unveil is the next-generation fuel injection system for commercial vehicles applications. The system, which builds on the performance of its 2700 bar F2 common rail technologies, includes a patented fuel injector and will help vehicle manufacturers meet future legislated emissions and fuel efficiency levels. Also at IAA, Delphi will showcase the new second-generation High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) natural gas injector for heavy-duty engine applications. Delphi co-developed the new HPDI injector with Westport.

Also featured will be:

  • A new high-performance, modular family of high-pressure Diesel Common Rail Systems for medium-duty applications.

  • Fundamental safety building blocks for future automated vehicles. The supplier will showcase its latest vision and radar sensors based on Delphi vision and fusion algorithms. Among these technologies are autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems which will be mandatory features for all new heavy-duty vehicles by 1 Nov 2015.

  • Ethernet penetration in new vehicles will grow from 1% in 2014 to 40% in 2020 according to ABI research. Delphi’s Ethernet Connectivity enables vehicle systems to communicate and share information at a speed of 100 megabits per second

  • Latest integrated infotainment display for commercial vehicles delivers critical information to drivers with maximum safety. Delphi will show to the European market the new DEA600 smart display that integrates numerous advanced technologies with robust design elements. It combines traditional radio functionalities with modern connectivity options and internet access. This integrated display for commercial vehicles is one of the first of its kind to use the Android operating system.

  • Reconfigurable clusters to minimize driver distraction: As truck drivers have access to increasing amounts of information while on the road, driver distraction is a growing concern. Delphi offers full-color, high-resolution and entirely reconfigurable vehicle cockpit instrument panel displays that help create a safer driving experience. The system displays key driver information within 20º field-of-view and uses photorealistic 3D graphics.

  • Wireless device charging provides convenience, safer driving experience: Commercial vehicles rely on a number of mobile devices to communicate between drivers and to manage fleets, as well as to entertain, inform and keep drivers safe on their journey. Delphi’s wireless device charging eliminates multiple charging cords in the vehicle cabin and replaces them with an automatic, safe and convenient charging system. Delphi developed a multi-mode system that is compliant with latest charging standards, including the highly resonant technology to cover a full range of consumer devices.

  • Enhanced range of high voltage connection systems to meet the robust requirements of commercial vehicles: Delphi will show a new range of high voltage connectors and accessories that has been developed to handle high vibrations in harsh environments.

Delphi presented its first generation Tech Truck at IAA in 2012. The emphasis at that show was on the heavy duty common rail system; a low-cost common rail fuel injection system for heavy duty diesel applications in emerging markets; diesel exhaust sensors and diagnostics of diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems; and safety technologies including autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems.


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