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Only hybrids performed very well on both the green rating and the smog index. Source: iCET. Click to enlarge.

China’s Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET) recently released its 2014 Green Car China Annual Report, an evaluation of mainstream vehicles on sale in China by their lifecycle impacts and their health impacts.

Based on the lifecycle impact assessment, every vehicle obtains a green score (0-10). The higher the green score, the lower the environmental impact (i.e., the greener it is). After normalizing the health impacts of tailpipe emissions, every vehicle also obtains a smog index score (1-8). The lower the smog score, the more eco-friendly it is.

As cars compose one of China’s pillar industries, introducing their environmental and health impacts through green scores and smog index requires not only research, analyses, and evaluation methodologies but also great persistence. Such work declares war not solely on pollution, but also on the traditional (car) industry in an attempt to expose the true economic value of car usage and direct more sustainable consumption choices.

—Zhang Shigang, UNEP China Coordinator

China’s MEP joined forces with iCET on marketing and improving this year’s China Green Car report (previously named the EFV report). Vehicle emissions of about 90% of China’s model year 2013 vehicles are based on Type Approval tests rather than on China’s emissions standard targets. Furthermore, a ranking of China’s Top 50 sales’ vehicles was added to this year’s typical nine vehicle segments (Small, Compact, Medium, Large, Luxury, SUV, SPV, Sports cars, Hybrid), and separate smog index scores were added to the traditional EFV report’s green rating values to indicate vehicles’ air-quality impacts.

Among the results of the Green rankings for all vehicles:

2014 China Green Car ratings
Nº1 Car Green rating Smog index
Small Car: smart
(small cars score poorly on the smog index)
7.0 2.64
Compact Car: Sunny 6.7 1.38
Midsize: Passat 6.04 4.6
Large: Mercedes-Benz E200 5.94 1.6
SUV: Chery X1
(The segment scores across the range of the smog index)
6.6 2.05
Hybrid: Prius
(Hybrids perform well on both smog and green ratings)
7.2 1.69
MPV: Meriva 5.64 2.4
Sports: Scirocco 5.95 3.1
Luxury: Jaguar XJ 5.16 2.3

However, when looking at the top 50 best selling models in China, only 5 cars perform well on both the Green and Smog indices: Corolla (Toyota); Sunny (Nissan), C30 (Great Wall Motor); Bluebird (Nissan); and Tiida (Nissan).

Of the top 50 best selling models in 2013, only five performed well on both green and smog indices. Source: iCET. Click to enlarge.

2014 Top 5 Green Rated of China’s 2013 Top 50 Sales
Car Green rating Smog index
Bluebird 6.2 2.6
Tiida 6.2 2.8
Sunny 6.7 1.38
Great Wall Motor C30 5.94 1.6
Corolla 6.3 1.4

The iCET report also found that Japanese and Korean brands reached the best on-average performance in both ratings; the domestic China independents scored the worst on the smog index, while the European JVs scored the worst on the green index.

Japanese and Korean brands reached the best on-average performance in both ratings. Source: iCET. Click to enlarge.

The iCET also produces awebsite to provide consumers with the environmental impact information of vehicles to guide green consumption.


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