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Dept. of Interior to auction nearly 80,000 acres offshore Maryland for wind energy development

The US Department of the Interior (DOI) will offer nearly 80,000 acres offshore Maryland for commercial wind energy development in a 19 August 2014 competitive lease sale.

Offshore Maryland lease areas. Click to enlarge.

To date, the DOI’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has awarded five commercial wind energy leases off the Atlantic coast: two non-competitive leases (Cape Wind in Nantucket Sound off Massachusetts and an area off Delaware) and three competitive leases (two offshore Massachusetts-Rhode Island and another offshore Virginia). Competitive lease sales have generated more than $5 million in high bids for more than 277,500 acres in federal waters. BOEM expects to hold additional competitive auctions for Wind Energy Areas offshore Massachusetts and New Jersey in the coming year.

Sixteen companies have qualified to participate in the auction for the Maryland Wind Energy Area. According to analysis prepared by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, if fully developed, the Maryland Wind Energy Area could support between 850 and 1450 megawatts of commercial wind generation, enough electricity to power 300,000 homes.

Under the terms of the Final Sale Notice (FSN), which will be published in the Federal Register today, the Maryland Wind Energy Area will be auctioned as two leases, referred to as the North Lease Area (32,737 acres) and the South Lease Area (46,970 acres). The Wind Energy Area is located about 10 nautical miles off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

The following 16 companies are qualified to participate in the upcoming lease sale:

  • Apex Offshore Maryland, LLC
  • Bluewater Wind Maryland, LLC
  • Convalt Energy, LLC
  • Dominion Wind Development, LLC
  • EDF Renewable Energy, Inc.
  • Energy Management, Inc.
  • Fishermen’s Energy LLC
  • Green Sail Energy, LLC
  • Iberdrola Renewables, Inc.
  • Maryland Offshore Wind, LLC
  • Orisol Energy US, Inc.
  • RES America Developments, Inc.
  • SCS Maryland Energy, LLC
  • Sea Breeze Energy, LLC
  • Seawind Renewable Energy Corporation, LLC
  • US Wind, Inc.



Isn't this f##ing idiotic? The coast of Maryland is free! Washington didn't create it. If these were oil leases there might be something to it. We need the Coast Guard for oil spills. But for clean, inexhaustable wind?

Next they'll be taxing the air we breathe. After all, if we didn't breathe, there would be no need lungs to treat for bronchitis.


Governments must have various revenue sources.

Selling radio wave frequencies, oil and NG drilling rights, water drilling & pumping frights, farming
rights, driving rights, dog and cat owner rights, building rights, immigration rights, passports, green cards, pink cards, sale taxes (rights), welcomed rights, beer drinking rights, etc are part of it.

Soon will be added multiple pollution and radiation rights, star gazing rights, sun bathing rights, ocean swimming rights etc.

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