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Audi delivers more than 50,000 cars in China in one month for the first time; 3x US sales

Audi achieved new record figures in the Chinese market in the first half of the year, increasing unit sales in China including Hong Kong and Macau by 17.8% to 268,666 automobiles. In June, the company for the first time passed the mark of 50,000 deliveries in one month (50,756, up 14.1% compared with the 44,479 deliveries in the prior-year month).

In comparison, Audi reported June 2014 sales in the US of 16,867 vehicles, a 23.1% improvement that stands as the brand’s 42nd consecutive month of record monthly sales in this market. The second quarter of 2014 also set a record with 49,121 vehicles sold in the US.

We are well on the way to achieving our target of delivering significantly more than half a million cars to customers in China this year.

—Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at Audi AG

An important factor behind this success in the first half of the year was the production of cars locally in China: 224,666 deliveries represent growth of 21%. The Audi Q3 and Audi Q5 SUVs produced for the Chinese market posted deliveries of 35,140 and 52,216 units respectively. Among the imported vehicles, deliveries of the Audi A8L in China increased by 36% to 10,951, those of the Audi Q7 by 47% to 10,743 units.

In the J.D. Power China Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) measuring the satisfaction of premium-car customers, Audi took first place for the fifth time in succession.



The market place for ground vehicles +++++ is shifting?


3X US this becoming the norm across the car manufacturing industry?

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