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Map of public biogas filling stations in Finland

Finland now has 21 CBG100 public biogas filling stations—i.e. they sell 100% compressed biogas (CBG). All are automatic stations that are always open (but for two of them a cash option is only available during office hours). These are to be joined by 20 more planned stations by 2016.

The Finnish Biogas Association began mapping their locations in 2013. The price of CBG100 in public stations varies between €1.205 and €1.505/kg—€0.80 - €1.00/gasoline liter equivalent, or between US$4.13 - $5.15/gasoline gallon equivalent.

Screenshot of Finland biogas station map. Click to enlarge.

There are five sellers of biogas in public filling stations: Metener (private company, 1 station, since 2002); Gasum (state company, 17 stations, since 2011); Haminan Energia (municipal company, 1 station, since 2013); Envor Biotech (private company, 1 station, since 2013); and Joutsan Ekokaasu (private company, 1 station, since 2014).

There are also 2 public CNG stations on the map, which sell only 100% natural gas. In addition, there are some 20 home filling stations and mobile filling stations, which may be used for biogas.


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