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Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivers more than 3M vehicles in first half year for first time

Despite a decrease in sales in North America, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered more than three million vehicles in the first half year for the first time. A total of 3.07 (January-June 2013: 2.95) million vehicles were handed over to customers worldwide, representing an increase of 3.8%. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 514,900 (June 2013: 509,200; +1.1%) models in the month of June.

The Golf in particular continues to be a bestseller—not only as a classic Golf, but also in the Variant or Sportsvan versions. The situation on global markets will remain challenging in the second half of the year and will keep us very much on our toes.

— Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 864,100 (843,600; +2.4%) vehicles on the overall European market in the first six months, of which 451,300 (427,800; +5.5%) models were handed over to customers in Western Europe (excluding Germany). Deliveries in the home market of Germany also increased: 285,700 (283,400; +0.8%) new vehicles were handed over to customers there. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 127,100 (132,400; -4.0%) vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe in the period to June. 67,400 (77,300; -12.8%) units were handed over to customers in Russia.

In contrast, deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region in the first half year grew by 16.8%, with the brand handing over 1.50 (1.28) million vehicles to customers. 1.39 (1.17; +18.5%) million units were delivered in China (incl. Hong Kong) during the same period.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 282,600 (309,600; -8.7%) vehicles in the North America region in the period to June, of which 179,100 (206,800; -13.4%) models were handed over in the United States. In the South America region, deliveries from January to June fell by 21.1% to 317,300 (401,900) units, of which 255,700 (307,000; -16.7%) were handed over in Brazil.



Will this growth be enough to push VW in the first place by 2015/2016?

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