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Sapphire Energy pairs with Sinopec as one of 6 new US-China EcoPartnerships; algae-derived crude oil

Sapphire Energy and its partner Sinopec were selected as one of six new US-China partners into the flagship EcoPartnerships Program. Sapphire and Sinopec have been working on an algae-derived renewable crude oil project.

This collaboration between our two companies exemplifies the mutual goal of producing cleaner energy solutions for the US and China. Together, we will demonstrate that crude oil from algae can be produced with favorable economics; that it can be integrated into existing fuels distribution networks; and that it will deliver substantial advantages for the reduction of CO2 emissions in both nations.

—Cynthia “CJ” Warner, Sapphire CEO

The EcoPartnerships Program promotes cooperation between US and Chinese sub-national actors who work on clean energy, climate change, and environmental protection, to help address some of the biggest challenges facing our two countries. The six new EcoPartnerships admitted to the program were chosen from among a record number of applications, and include private sector actors, academia, non-governmental organizations, and city governments. Their cooperation will focus on issues relating to biofuels, battery storage and other clean technologies, emissions trading, seaport air quality, high performance gas turbines, and low-carbon city tools.



Crude oil from algae:  Doing Nature's work, on a human time scale.


I hope it won't be only in china and usa but also in Canada where im ready since years and years to buy synthetic gasoline for my dodge made with green algae farming at a better price then actual petrol gasoline.

Unfortunatly we are late on alternatives against petrol, we are late on green algae, natural gas gasoline, hydrogen, powerful batteries, etc. This is a problem and a bad sign because without a breakthrough that is commercialized then petrol is more scares and more costly creating big problems. All these alternative projects are not born yet and are in the gestation and can be easily kill.

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