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Navistar ships first vocational vehicles with 9- and 10-liter SCR engines; up to 8% fuel economy improvement

Navistar, Inc. has started customer shipments of its first International DuraStar and International WorkStar vehicles with the company’s 9- and 10-liter engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology. The company’s internal testing shows these products are delivering up to 8% in fuel economy improvement over the previous generation.

Built on Navistar’s proven I-6 platform, the company’s 9- and 10-liter engines bring 9.3-liter displacement and 860-1,150 lb-ft (1,166-1,559 N·m) torque in a weight-saving medium-duty package. The company conducted field tests in extreme environments such as Alaska, Colorado and Arizona. These tests included a variety of vocational duty cycles from garbage packing and utility trucks to dump trucks and sewer pumpers.

Our field test customers are seeing positive results, with our new trucks registering significant fuel economy improvements. Our vocational trucks with 9- and 10-liter engines are also experiencing fewer active regenerations while still delivering the durability and power that customers expect from International trucks.

—Bill Kozek, president, North America Truck and Parts, Navistar

The International DuraStar is available with the 9-liter engine from 275 hp (205 kW) 860 lb-ft (1,166 N·m) torque up to 330 hp (246 kW) 950 lb-ft (1,288 N·m) torque. The International WorkStar is available with 9- and 10-liter engines from 275 hp 860 lb-ft torque up to 350 hp (261 kW) 1,150 lb-ft (1,559 N·m) torque.



8% is a nice improvement, what kind of transmission do they have?

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