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Foothill Transit first transit agency to buy 2nd-generation Proterra EV buses

Proterra Inc. announced the first sale of its second-generation battery-electric bus to Foothill Transit of West Covina, Calif. Foothill Transit became Proterra’s first customer and the first agency in the US to operate EV buses in revenue service in 2010.

Based on the sustainability, fuel savings and proven performance of those buses, Foothill Transit has agreed to purchase two more buses from Proterra, moving the agency closer to its goal of expanding electric bus service into other lines.

Offering the highest fuel efficiency and lowest cost per passenger mile of any bus currently on the market, this new model also features a fast-charge system that keeps the bus on the road with no requirement to take them out of service for long charging periods. Fuel economy (with full passenger load and HVAC) is 20.8 MPGe (1.81 kWh/mile), with a base range of 300+ miles per day, at more than 26 miles per fast charge.

The 40-foot bus features a 220 kW peak permanent magnet drive motor and a Proterra 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission, powered by and advanced LTO fast-charge energy storage system.

Proterra has incorporated key learnings from its nearly 500,000 miles in revenue service into this new model to improve upon the previous model’s proven performance.

Expected delivery of the new 40-foot electric buses is December 2014.


It's great to have EV bus competition, the BYD electric buses at Stanford are great and run all day too. Are there any Proterras in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley?

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