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CALEB and CalBattery to combine their Li-ion battery materials in new line-up; 2nd gen to use SiGr anode, targeting EVs

CALEB Technology and California Lithium Battery (CalBattery)—both based in California—signed an MOU to establish a joint venture to produce a new line of safe, high performance lithium ion batteries for consumer electronic devices, power tools, and electric vehicles (EVs). The new line of advanced LIBs will initially be made in the Los Angeles area starting in 2016.

The JV will combine the best LIB materials developed by both Calbattery and CALEB over the past 5 years. The first Calbattery/CALEB LIB will utilize novel high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide cathode, high voltage dual-phase electrolyte, and conventional anode materials that can be used for power tools, laptops, and cell phones.

The second generation LIB will be designed for not only consumer electronic devices but for EV and energy storage applications and will incorporate the CalBattery (Argonne National Laboratory) novel silicon-graphene (SiGr) composite anode material that triples the anode specific capacity. (Earlier post.)

Argonne’s technology entails the use of an advanced gas phase deposition method that embeds nanoscale silicon particles into the graphene layers. This approach overcomes the traditional problems associated with high-energy density anodes, such as massive volume expansion, high first cycle inefficiency and severe capacity fade.

To compliment this new SiGr anode material, the JV will incorporate a unique dual-phase polymer electrolyte material and process know-how developed by CALEB Technology that has shown to not only substantially increase LIB safety but improve energy density as well, according to the partners.

CALEB Technology is a developer of advanced LIB materials including patented LinPoly technology that allows building “dry” high performance batteries free of the thermal management issues associated with other Li-ion technologies.

In the next 2-3 years, the JV also plans to develop and to produce a third-generation lithium sulfur battery primarily for EV and energy storage applications.

The new line of LIBs that the CalBattery/CALEB JV plans to produce were developed over several years utilizing significant private, public, and academic resources.

Our new line of LIBs will incorporate the best blend of cathode, electrolyte, and anode materials to produce a superior product at a very competitive price per kilowatt hour.

— Phil Roberts, CEO of CalBattery



It's about time to unite their forces and mass produce improved batteries?


Has CALEB actually built anything yet? Honestly, I'm not being sarcastic --- been watching them for a couple of years (since they posted their nail penetration test video on YouTube). I've never seen a photograph of anything built by them, and any "product" description at their current site is depicted in a drawing. Likewise CalBattery is a start-up. This is surely exciting to the teams and may help attract capital, but, yikes... this is a long shot. Add to that ANOTHER chemistry strategy that doesn't even appear in the portfolio of either business: "...in the next 2-3 years, the JV also plans to develop and to produce a third-generation lithium sulfur battery primarily for EV and energy storage applications."

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