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£1B Advanced Propulsion Centre selects Univ. of Warwick as Hub

The UK’s 10-year, £1-billion (US$1.7-billion) Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) (earlier post) has selected the University of Warwick as the site for its Hub location, supporting the industry and government commitment to the development of low carbon propulsion systems.

The central Hub together with a national Spoke structure is intended to provide the UK automotive industry with resources and facilities to develop advanced propulsion systems and supply chains. In doing so the aim of the APC, in partnership with industry, is to secure and grow more than 30,000 UK jobs currently engaged in the research, development and production of vehicle powertrains as the industry transitions to a low carbon future for all modes of transportation.

The selection of the Hub location was overseen by an independent, industry-led assessment panel. The final decision was based on the requirement to have a suitable facility for rapid start-up with:

  • Ease of access with good communication networks.

  • Access to capable skills.

  • Independence and flexibility.

  • Scope for physical expansion as the APC gains momentum.

  • Provision for world class showcasing of UK capability in advanced technologies.

The Hub facility is due to open in the fall; announcements about Spoke locations will be forthcoming.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre was created from the collaboration between industry and government through the Automotive Council. The APC is a central pillar of the Industrial Strategy published by the Council in 2013. The Automotive Council is co-chaired by the motor industry and government.


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