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Intelligent Energy Holdings plc has signed a further two-year, multi-million pound development agreement with a Japanese volume automotive OEM. The agreement will focus on the development of Intelligent Energy’s differentiated fuel cell engine technology towards commercialization in applications that are targeted to include compact cars and two-wheeler vehicles, as well as in range extender units for low-emission light vehicles.

UK-based Intelligent Energy provides its fuel cell engine technology in the 2kW to 100kW+ range to automotive OEMs through a licensing model, with two mainstream Japanese OEMs amongst its current client base. This approach combines Intelligent Energy’s expertise in efficient power technologies with its OEM partners’ well-established broad channels to market.

In 2012, Intelligent Energy and Suzuki formed the joint venture SMILE FC to develop and manufacture air-cooled fuel cell systems for a range of industry sectors including automotive. The joint venture provides Suzuki with access to Intelligent Energy’s Air Cooled Fuel Cell technology, through partnering and licensing. (Earlier post.)

We are delighted to announce this further agreement, which highlights our growing role in the Japanese car OEM market. It also marks a further, positive step in our relationship with this valued Japanese customer. It is always important to work in an industry for some years when working with any partner, and that is even more so in Japan: thankfully, we have worked with Japanese car manufacturers for more than seven years. Japan is taking the lead globally in the adoption of fuel cell engine technology for automotive use. It is a very exciting place to do business for us.

—Dr. Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy


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