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OXIS Energy and Multi Source Power form partnership for marine Li-sulfur batteries

UK-based OXIS Energy and Multi Source Power technologies (MSP) have formed a partnership to develop Li-sulfur batteries for marine applications. The partners will launch the new battery in the spring of 2015. One of MSP’s specialities is designing and manufacturing battery packs and hybrid power and propulsion systems for the marine industry. Integrating OXIS’ expertise in the development of the next generation of cell technology allows them to develop lithium sulfur rechargeable battery systems for the marine market.

OXIS demonstrated 350 Wh/kg at an effective material level in test cells in 2013, and achieved 200 Wh/kg at cell level in 2013; the company expects to hit 400 Wh/kg in the next three years.

This development will be part of the Ghost Power Brand. It will be a versatile battery system scalable from 20 kWh to 50 kWh upwards and will provide multiple configurable voltage outputs that will not only power electric motor boats, but can also be used to power air conditioning systems, navigation systems, etc.

The battery will be designed for Lloyd’s Register Group approval which will give confidence and assurance to customers whilst at the same time, it will help to lower expensive insurance premiums.

Founded in 2005, OXIS Energy Ltd. has 19 families of patents on the Lithium sulfur technology, with 57 patents granted and another 44 pending. One of key areas relates to safety.

OXIS has signed a licence agreement with GP Batteries, a world-class manufacturer of primary and rechargeable batteries and the largest consumer battery manufacturer in China. Both parties are working together to augment the commercial production of the OXIS technology for use in commercial applications.

MSP Technologies was founded in 2013 by Simon Patterson, an experienced hybrid and electric marine drive train designer. MSP Technologies Ltd has developed an ultra lightweight 60 kW Advanced Hybrid Power system. Utilizing the Oxis cell technology, the total system weight is below 300kg.

The power electronics can take in energy from up to 8 different renewable or fossil fuel based power sources at any voltage up to 400V. The system can distribute the power at any chosen voltage. With efficiencies of over 97%, the loss of energy is minimal. The system can be connected in parallel and can offer power up to 600 kW—either powering AC loads or offering combined power and propulsions systems to a diverse range of vessels.

The company says it already has commercial and private clients that are specifying it for their vessels.


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