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California-based Greenlots, a global provider of open standards-based technology solutions for electric vehicle (EV) networks, has partnered with BMW Group Asia to provide Singapore with its first Home and Public Charging network as part of BMW’s 360º ELECTRIC program.

Designed to cover BMW i owners from an all-round perspective, 360º ELECTRIC comprises four key pillars that will come standard with the purchase of every BMW i model: (1) Public Charging; (2) Home Charging; (3) Flexible Mobility; and (4) Assistance Services.

The network, based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the global standard for open charger-to-network communications, will provide BMW i owners as well as Singapore EV drivers, with the infrastructure necessary to support the country’s burgeoning EV adoption.

For Public Charging, Greenlots’ open standards based, SKY Smart Charging platform will administer ChargeNow (BMW i’s public charging program) in Singapore to enable local BMW i customers to access its vast and expansive network of AC charging units by using the BMW i ChargeNow card and Greenlots mobile app. Real-time information about the availability and location of these stations is provided to BMW i drivers via the car’s navigation system to assist them in locating the nearest available charging point. Greenlots expects to rollout up to 30 L2 (AC) chargers across 20 strategic public locations within 2014.

For Home Charging, Greenlots will manage and install the BMW i Wallbox Pure to ensure BMW i owners have a convenient charge at home or the office. A qualified advisor will support BMW i drivers through the entire installation process, including electrical inspection. Prior to the purchase of a new BMW i vehicle, a Greenlots electrician/surveyor will determine if the intended buyer’s home or office environment is electric mobility-friendly at an initial site visit. Once the environment has been deemed suitable, full installation will commence upon the purchase of the BMW i vehicle. The installation is backed by a Greenlots warranty with ongoing technical support.

This partnership and rollout has been synchronized with BMW i’s first market launch in Southeast Asia and the first publicly available commercial EV to hit Singapore streets. The industry milestone signals how promising the island is for sustainable plug-in mobility and how essential charging infrastructure is for this market.

BMW holds 20% of Singapore’s automotive market and despite the government’s lack of incentives for electric vehicles, BMW Asia recently launched the 360° ELECTRIC series in Singapore to usher in clean mobility in their first Asian market.


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