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Report: Mazda to sell diesel hybrid cars in Japan and Europe in FY16

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that Mazda Motor Corp. will begin selling diesel hybrid passenger cars in Japan and Europe as early as fiscal 2016.

Using a diesel-fueled engine as the main drive source, Mazda will develop a system in which an engine-powered small motor will play a supporting role. Mazda aims to develop diesel-powered hybrid cars that can travel about 40 kilometers per liter [94 mpg US or 2.5 l/100 km] of light oil—about 30 percent farther than ordinary diesel-powered vehicles run, according to sources.

… Diesel-powered vehicles account for 50 percent of new car sales in Europe. About 76,000 units were also sold in 2013 in Japan, about 1.9 times more than the sales from the previous year.



Excellent..only 17 years after PNGV cars got 70 mpg with diesel hybrids in 1999.


they seem to imply a series-hybrid configuration

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