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Navistar, Inc. is offering the Allison Transmission FuelSense fuel-efficiency package on its medium-duty and vocational International truck models. FuelSense, available in Allison’s 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series transmissions, automatically adapts shift schedules and torque, maximizing transmission efficiency based on load, grade and duty cycle, without sacrificing performance.

Allison’s internal testing shows FuelSense cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 percent depending on duty cycle and application. Through electronic software calibrations and mechanical improvements, the new features address powertrain efficiency, one of the many leading attributors to fuel economy.

—Steve Gilligan, vice president, product and vocational marketing, Navistar

FuelSense features are incorporated in part or completely in three levels: FuelSense Basic, FuelSense Plus and FuelSense Max. All features are available in the 3000 and heavy-duty 4000 series and will be available in the 1000 and 2000 series transmissions later this year.

FuelSense features include:

  • 5th Generation smart controls, acceleration management and a precision inclinometer;

  • EcoCal shift technology to keep engine speed at the most efficient level;

  • Dynamic Shift Sensing to automatically sense when low-engine speed shifts can be made;

  • Neutral at Stop eliminates the load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped to reduce non-productive fuel consumption and reduce emissions; and

  • Acceleration Rate Management relegates engine power to match acceleration curves and control engine torque.

FuelSense is also available in the International TerraStar, DuraStar, WorkStar and PayStar.


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