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ABB launches first DC fast charger compliant with Chinese GB standard

ABB launched Terra 53 Z, its first high power DC fast charger that complies with the Chinese GB standard. (Earlier post.) The new chargers will be manufactured locally in Shenzhen at ABB’s recently established base for electric vehicle chargers.


Terra 53 Z can be widely used at public charging stations, EV fleet parking lots and highway service stations to charge electric passenger vehicles as well as minibuses and EVs used for logistics. With this high power DC fast charger compliant with the GB standard (rated power is up to 50kW), a 20-minute charging session could give a normal electric vehicle enough power to drive another 100 km.

The launch of the Terra 53 Z DC fast charger turns the Terra 53 series into the world’s first DC fast charging solution to offer specific types complying with the three global open charging standards: SAE Combo, CHAdeMo and China GB. The Terra 53 series has been applied in several overseas projects including the country-wide EV charging network in the Netherlands which will be completed in 2015.

In addition to launching the Chinese DC fast chargers, ABB has decided to install electric vehicle charging equipment at selected offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen to facilitate charging for local staff who drive electric vehicles. Furthermore, ABB will incorporate electric vehicles into its company fleet, demonstrating full support for green transportation in China.

Government stimulus policies, improved sense of environmental protection among the public as well as the increasing maturity of EV and charging technologies greatly contribute to the ge market potential in China. The fast-growing market has pushed ABB to constantly bring its leading charging technology into China and continuously improve the business.

Since 2010, ABB has started to work with local partners and governments on pilot projects. Earlier this year, ABB and Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation to supply DC fast charging wallboxes over the next six years. The DC wallboxes are customized especially for the DENZA electric vehicle and will be sold through DENZA’s distribution network.

In 2013, ABB began setting up a local team to lead the development of electric vehicle charging business, covering research and development, production, logistics and services. ABB will create other types of DC chargers using the Chinese GB standard and localize production in Shenzhen.



This unit is a step in the right direction but is too small for future extended range BEVs.

Eventually, 200+ kW units will be required, unless FCEVs are used for long trips.


Of course, the Chinese are doing their own thing. Forget a standard anyone else in the world cares about.

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