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Ford Selects Nat G as newest Qualified Vehicle Modifier; factory-qualified natural gas upgrades in Texas

Nat G CNG Solutions, a Houston-based company specializing in compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle upgrades, has been selected as a Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM). Ford instituted the QVM Program to improve quality assurance for Ford vehicle modifications, including natural gas vehicle upgrades.

Most of the Ford vehicles available for modification by Nat G come in a bi-fuel option that will seamlessly switch between natural gas and gasoline for added convenience when the driver is not near a natural gas fueling station.

Nat G offers Ford qualified natural gas systems for the F150, F250, F350, F450, F550 and F650, as well as the Transit Connect van and the new full-sized Transit van. Nat G works with customers and dealers to find the best vehicle configuration to achieve their goals of increased function and lower cost of ownership.

Nat G has partnered with other Ford QVMs to offer multiple CNG solutions. Nat G is a manufacturer-certified installer for natural gas engine systems from Altech Eco and also for Landi Renzo, the world’s leading manufacturer of natural gas vehicle systems. The company has provided Ford natural gas vehicle upgrades for leading local and national fleets, including Centerpoint Energy, Southwestern Energy, Boyer Construction, Apple Towing and others.



What are they waiting for to offer for sale small cars bi-fuel nat gas and gasoline. Im sick and tire of witnessing nothing done against high fuel price and pollution. There is plenty of nat gas in north-America, no need to use corn food to make ethanol. Begin to sell cars with 2 tanks for gasoline and nat gas and open nat gas stations outlets. Sparkplugs will last much longer. Air pollution will lessen as there is no refining done for natural gas. The added cost for a bi-fuel car is cheap. Engine oil might last longer too.

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