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Chevrolet sells 3 millionth Cruze; China the top market

Sixteen months after passing the 2-million units mark, Chevrolet has sold 3 million Cruze compact cars. The Cruze made its global debut in South Korea in November 2008. China is the model’s top-selling market, with 1.13 million units sold through July 2014. The US comes in second with 900,000 units, followed by Russia in third with 195,000 units.

The Cruze has collected 39 product awards in China, 27 in the US and 12 in Brazil—the fourth-largest market, with 134,000 units sold.

The Cruze is built in 11 different countries on five continents. GM design teams in South Korea and Germany had the global consumer in mind when developing the car in just 27 months in the late 2000s before debuting in South Korea in November of 2008.

Small car sales around the world have been growing exponentially as emerging markets, in Asia and South America, increase car ownership while mature markets, like the US, downsize for fuel economy. Small cars, like the Cruze, are driving sales globally and will continue to do so.

—Michelle Krebs, senior analyst for

The Cruze endured intensive durability testing, including extreme weather tests and more than 210 crash tests tailored to the regulatory demands of the countries where it is sold.

The Cruze is available in in three body styles, including a four-door sedan, five-door hatchback and station wagon. Cruze is powered by five different engines, 1.4-, 1.6-, and 1.8-liter gasoline engines, and 1.7- and 2-liter diesel engines. In most markets, including China, the most popular Cruze color is white.

In China, Chevrolet recently launched the next generation of the Cruze that caters to the styling and packaging demands of Chinese customers. (Earlier post.) It is being built in China for sale in that market. Cruze originally launched in China in 2009.

The new Cruze is offered in seven variants with a choice of segment-first 1.4L mid-mounted direct injection turbocharged or 1.5L mid-mounted naturally aspirated gasoline engines.



China is already the top market for Buicks, VW, Audi, BMW etc.

With their soon to be 30,000,000/year market, China may become the top market place for most brands by 2020.

Made in China units could hit the world market places by 2020 and the local production could hit 40,000,000 units a year shortly thereafter.


One billion cars heading to two billion cars worldwide and not even 0.1% of them are EV, this is why we need synthetic and biosynthetic fuels.


No...we need more PHEVs/BEVs/FCEVs and many more very large (6+ MW) very high (100m to 120+m) wind turbines and to progressively burn a lot less liquid fuels.



We are NOT going to get 100 million EVs any time soon. What do you propose we do for the next 30 years? Wish and hope?


Why would you want to ignore renewable fuels and hope we get EVs? Doesn't that seem more than a bit risky to bet on ONE solution ONLY? How about an "all the above" strategy?

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