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Telefonix, Inc., a developer of cord reel technology and solutions primarily for highly regulated industries, and manufacturer of the PowerPost commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging station product line, has entered the Level 2 electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) market with UL approval of their L2 PowerPost EV charging station.

The L2 PowerPost EVSE debuts as the first low-current Level 2 EV charging station specifically designed for commercial outdoor use. The second addition to the PowerPost EVSE product line after the L1 PowerPost, L2 PowerPost EV Charger continues Telefonix’ focus on efficient, low-cost EV charging for longer term parking.

  • Level 1 PowerPosts’s 120V/16A specifications make it possible to utilize a dedicated 20 amp circuit that is common in all commercial locations. For many situations, Level 1 charging is the right choice, enabling EV drivers to recover a 20-mile commute in just about 4 hours and at a cost to the facility of under $1.

  • The L2 PowerPost EVSE also requires a 20 amp circuit but at 208 to 240 vac. This lower current, Level 2 unit allows for the installation of more charging stations with a given electrical supply capacity.

    Higher current Level 2 charging stations can quickly replenish the range of a typical 20-mile commute, but those units are usually more expensive than the L2 PowerPost EVSE and risk spikes in energy demand that could affect a facility’s overall energy costs. For longer term parking, where electric vehicles are parked for 2 hours or more, the 3.3 kW charging rate of the L2 PowerPost EVSE offers a solution for delivering energy to cars and having a minimal economic impact on parking facilities.

    2 hours of charging with the L2 PowerPost will replace the range lost during a 20-mile commute at an energy cost of about $1. This Level 2 EVSE benefits parking facilities such as malls, retail outlets and theaters that want to provide a valuable convenience to customers that drive EVs, the company suggests.

The L2 PowerPost electric vehicle charging station has a MSRP of $1,795 and price reductions are available for bulk orders. Further discounts may also be available from state and local rebate programs that require Level 2 charging stations.



Even 1 hour on a Level 1 charger (120 VAC, 12 A) has significant benefits.  The effort should be to make such charging cheap and ubiquitous.  The high-power stuff can wait until e.g. parking lots are repaved, so that trenching work doesn't incur lots of extra expense.

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