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Delphi to supply major global OEM with V2X technology; launch in 2016

ABB and BYD enter strategic global collaboration on energy storage

Global power and automation technology group ABB and BYD Co., Ltd., announced today a strategic global collaboration to develop new solutions for energy storage, building on their complementary strengths. This collaboration will accelerate the introduction of new solutions for electric vehicle charging, the fast ramp up of renewables combined with energy storage in off-grid and on-grid solutions as well as battery and energy storage solutions for the fast growing marine segment.

ABB and BYD said they share a common vision of sustainable power and industry as well as transport solutions. ABB’s leading products and technology for grid storage, electric vehicle charging and integrated marine systems, combined with BYD’s knowledge in battery technology, can broadly address worldwide energy storage requirements, the partners said.

The scope of the collaboration focuses on the following applications:

  • Grid-connected energy storage
  • Micro-grid applications
  • Solar energy
  • Marine applications

In 2014, ABB introduced its EV fast chargers in China, supplying DC fast chargers for the new Denza electric car developed by BYD’s joint venture with Daimler.



Interesting JV to promote future lower cost e-storage for solar and grid, multiple EVs, improved chargers etc.

We live on a small island and electric pleasure boats would be more than welcomed. Tesla, BYD, ABB and Mercedes could certainly supply appropriate e-sub-units and associated charging facilities?


as far as I can tell, most of the pleasure in pleasure boating comes from annoying others


An acquired attitude that our grand children may have corrected?


For all the talk of hyper-gigafactories I rate this alliance better for grid and solar storage than Tesla.

BYD's chemistry is more suitable, they have home field advantage in the potentially far larger Chinese market, and plenty of money to build as many giant battery factories as they want.

Not only have they got access to the Chinese capital markets, whose cheap capital is one of the reasons for the swift expansion of industry there, but they can always ask Warren Buffet a major shareholder in BYD to look in the back of his sofa if they are short of the odd 5 billion or so.

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