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Exide Technologies announced that large performance gains will be seen in its new range of Start-Stop batteries. The new AGM battery will achieve four times longer cycle life, 20% more power and more than three times the charge acceptance of a standard conventional battery, according to Exide. Similar gains will also be seen in Exide’s new enhanced flooded battery (EFB) the company said.

Start-Stop vehicles already constitute 15% of the car parc, and this will reach 50% within the next five years. This is causing a huge shift in the battery market, as conventional batteries are insufficient for the application.

Exide developed its first Start-Stop AGM battery in 2004 and the first EFB battery in 2008. The company’s technology has improved at a rapid pace, and the new range will support sailing, energy recuperation and other fuel-saving features.

Cars with conventional powertrains can also be fitted with AGM and EFB batteries to improve performance and reduce long-term costs, Exide suggested. This is useful for special vehicles such as ambulances and police cars, which host power-hungry electrical equipment and enter scenarios in which the battery is exposed to extreme driving conditions.

Exide will launch its new light vehicle battery range at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt this September.



This sounds like a very good thing - it will speed up the rollout of mild hybrids, and increase the amount of "engine off" time you can get from them.

Would "4 times cycle life" be enough to use these batteries for solar time shifting, or do you need special deep discharge batteries for that ?

Audi might not need their 48V system if this pans out ...

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