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Chempolis and NRL partner on cellulosic ethanol production from bamboo in Assam

Chempolis Ltd, a Finland-based biorefining technology corporation (earlier post), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL, A Government of India Enterprise) under which the two will jointly study building a biorefinery in North Eastern India (Assam) for producing biofuel ethanol from bamboo with co-production of furfural and acetic acid. Bamboo is one of the major non-food biomass resources available abundantly in North East India and it is among the fastest growing plants.

India has seriously making acts to meet the biofuel mandate to blend 5% and later 20% of bioethanol in gasoline. India can soon be a forefront of biorefining.

—Pasi Rousu, President, Asia-Pacific and Americas, Chempolis Ltd.

Chempolis’ third-generation biorefining technology is based on selective fractionation of biomass and co-production of multiple products; the technology is not just for the production of biofuels (e.g. ethanol), but the produced sugars and lignin can be used as a platform into a number of different products.


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