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ChargePoint reports 35% increase in in-network charging stations on college campuses

ChargePoint released new data showing an increase in on-campus EV charging. There are currently 1,134 charging spots at colleges and universities on the ChargePoint network, up about 35%, with just 838 at this time last year.

On-campus EV charging is still relatively new, with the first ChargePoint station installed at the end of 2010 at Pasadena City College.

With 38 on-campus charging spots, the University of California at Davis has the most of any university on the ChargePoint network. The top 5 colleges and universities with the most ChargePoint EV charging spots are:

  • University of California at Davis: 38

  • Towson University, Maryland: 36

  • Santa Clara University, California: 26

  • Western Michigan University: 22

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 21

To find out if a local college or university offers EV charging, check out ChargePoint’s real-time station locator.


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