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DuPont selects Murex as marketing partner for cellulosic ethanol from Nevada, Iowa plant

DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) has selected Murex LLC to market the cellulosic ethanol produced from its 30-million-gallon-per-year plant in Nevada, Iowa. (Earlier post.) Upon completion, the facility will be the largest cellulosic ethanol plant in the world.

DuPont has made substantial investments in renewable fuels and has committed more than $200 million to the Nevada biorefinery, which will utilize corn stover.

DuPont began developing an integrated solution for the commercial scale production of second generation ethanol from biomass in 2008. At its demonstration facility in Vonore, Tennessee, it combined expertise in biorefinery design with an optimized technology package of novel enzymes and fermentation organisms, resulting in:

  • Demonstrating lower-capital integrated unit operations;

  • Achieving economic and environmental targets; and

  • Producing stover-based ethanol used in many vehicles at the University of Tennessee.

This optimized conversion process is being deployed in the facility in Nevada, Iowa.

In addition to Murex’s strong presence in the domestic ethanol market, the company has been the largest exporter of domestically produced ethanol since 2010. Murex was one of the first marketers of advanced Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) and developed an in-house due diligence program prior to the Quality Assurance Program that allows smaller producers of advanced RINs to deliver their products and RINs to market.


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