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AERIS team conducting free public workshop on connected vehicle environmental applications

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO) will conduct a free public workshop soliciting discussion with the adopter community on connected vehicle environmental applications that may be candidates for the upcoming Connected Vehicle Pilot demonstrations. The public meeting is tentatively set for 22 October 2014 from 9:00 AM (ET) to 5:00 PM (ET) at the Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel in Washington, DC.

The workshop is being conducted on behalf of the Applications for the Environment: Real-Time Information Synthesis (AERIS) program.

The workshop will inform participants on the potential fuel use reduction benefits of connected vehicle applications and provide an overview of real-world environmental projects currently deployed in both the United and Europe. The purpose of the workshop is to brainstorm ideas with the adopter community on potential environmental applications that may be considered for the Connected Vehicle Pilot demonstrations that will provide fuel use and emissions reductions.

The target audience for the workshop includes state and local departments of transportation (DOTs); transit agencies; metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs); vehicle original equipment manufacturers; academia; environmental agencies; and system developers and integrators.

The meeting will be open to all stakeholders in the connected vehicle community, national associations, and the general public.


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