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BMW opens 2 new lines at Dingolfing for battery packs and motors to support intro of PHEVs into core brand models

BMW Group has commissioned two new production lines for electric drive components—high voltage battery packs and electric motors—at its Dingolfing plant. After the market launch of the BMW i models, BMW Group is currently preparing for the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles in its core brand models. The launch of the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid is slated for the coming year, with more models with this technology to follow.

The company said that its total expenditure on buildings and equipment in the new Electric Drive Systems production area will amount to a high double-digit million euro amount over the next five years.

The Dingolfing plant will be expanded to be the BMW Group’s center of excellence for the production of electric drive systems. The plant already provides the high-voltage battery pack and other suspension and drive components for the BMW i models assembled in the BMW plant in Leipzig. The main electric drive technologies and components are developed in-house.

Our know-how gained here will give us an advantage in the competition. This manifests itself not only in the performance of the BMW electric motors and high-voltage battery, but also in a highly efficient mode of production. In order to represent the expected range of e-drive components, the BMW Group is committed to an intelligent modular system eDrive.

—Ilka Horst Meier, head of planning and production drive systems

The new battery production lines are flexible, being designed for several future models. As an example, the same production line will produce not only battery modules for the BMW i8, but in future will also build for the BMW X5 with eDrive technology.

The road to sustainable mobility in the future will be multi-track. We will see pure electric vehicles like the BMW i3 for urban mobility needs. We’ll see plug-in hybrids, further optimized combustion engines, and we can imagine in the long term electric mobility in combination with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

—BMW Group Board Member for Production in Dingolfing Harald Krüger

The BMW plant in Dingolfing is one of the largest production facilities of BMW Group worldwide, and produces cars from the BMW 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-Series. In 2013 the factory produced a total of about 340,000 vehicles. Currently around 17,500 employees and 800 trainees are employed at BMW Dingolfing.

In addition, the production of vehicle components such as pressed parts, seats and suspension and drive components are located on the site.


Patrick Free

Hope they already plan for >10KWH batteries in their PHEVs. I visited Paris Motor Show on Sunday, and saw their promissing X5 eDrive concept car. But really 10KWH of Battery (Means 2 x charges per day, means the 3000 x cycles pf the battery weared in 5 to 6 years, making resale value of that PHEV NULL tomorrow) and only <100HP of electric motor, make the same indigent "all elecric" mode, that all Germans are endorsing this year, and that for people like me who have been waiting for years for a good top class PHEV SUV will never buy. I can't believe all made it wrong in the same time ! They will keep them, till they announce a good model with ideally 30KWH (Securing one charge every 2 x days, so battery lasts as long as the car itself and used value is decent) and 200 HP of electric motors power. Then Ice engine can be a smaller 3 or 4 x cylinders. But need that in a real BMW car like X6/X5/X4 not another iGadget, please !
In the same show, Tesla presented their plans to rool their fabulous 135KW SuperChargers across Europe, covering the southern regions where Norther Europeans go on vacation in the summer by 2016. When that will have happened, the time for PHEVs will be over, and like everybody else in the High End cars space I'll buy an all Electric Model X then. I can't believe BMW can loose the very few years before that to screw the interim PHEV approach, by wrong sizing all German PHEVs this year with ridiculous wrong 10KWH and <100 HP elmectric motors...for 2 Tons cars.
Where is the vision ?

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