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Gulf Racing Fuels to buy Gevo isobutanol for 16.1% blend in off-road fuels

Gulf Racing Fuels has contracted to purchase isobutanol from Gevo for Gulf’s new line of off-road fuels containing 16.1% isobutanol. The new fuels will meet Gulf’s requirement for an off-road fuel that is oxygenated and EPA-approved for use in sensitive environments.

Initially, Gulf will create three new fuels that will target marine uses and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). All will use the 16.1% isobutanol as the platform for the new line of fuels. The fuels are designed for engines that are required to use an EPA-approved fuel but suffer from problems involving ethanol.

The isobutanol is moisture-resistant and has a lower vapor pressure than ethanol. It also renewable and reduces emissions. That is why we selected Gevo’s isobutanol over other alternatives. We set out to innovate a fuel that is unlike any fuel on the market today.

—Jess Hewitt of Gulf Racing Fuels

Gulf Racing Fuels include high octane unleaded and leaded fuels (for classic racers, in how lead (100 Motor Octane) and leaded (120 Motor Octane versions)) as well as marine and small engine fuels featuring isobutanol. All fuels are distributed nationally by HYPERFUELS based in Houston, Texas.

Gevo’s business model converts existing ethanol plants into bio-refineries to make isobutanol. Gevo has executed initial commercial-scale production runs at its isobutanol facility in Luverne, Minn., and has a list of partners including The Coca-Cola Company, Toray Industries, and LANXESS, Inc., an affiliate of LANXESS Corporation, among others.


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