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Current owners of hybrid vehicles are very satisfied with them and most will buy a hybrid again, according to a survey by Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the U-M Transportation Research Institute. Nearly a third (31%) of non-owners plan to purchase a hybrid for their next vehicle.

Sivak and Schoettle surveyed about 1,000 current owners of hybrids (94% own non-plug-ins and 6% own plug-ins) and another roughly 1,000 car owners who don’t drive hybrids.

They found that 83% of hybrid owners plan to buy another one for their next vehicle. Although plug-in hybrids represent a small percentage of current hybrids (6% in their sample), the researchers expect the percentage to increase greatly for those intending to buy a hybrid as their next vehicle as well (22%; 33% if those who are unsure about the type of hybrid are excluded).

Out of those current owners of a hybrid that do not intend to buy a hybrid as their next vehicle, 17% are planning to get an electric vehicle (21% if those who are unsure are excluded).

For those current owners of a hybrid that are not planning to get a hybrid for their next vehicle, 47% indicated that there is nothing that would cause them to reconsider this decision; 16% indicated that availability of hybrids that are initially less expensive would cause them to reconsider.

Hybrid cars accounted for less than 4% of all light-duty vehicle sales last year, the researchers say. However, it was the highest percentage (3.8%) and the second straight year of rising sales for hybrids.

Environmental impact was the most important reason cited by owners for buying a hybrid (33%), followed by long-term costs (28%) and less energy use (25%).

Females tended to be more concerned than males about the environmental impact,” Sivak said.

Among non-hybrid owners, 31% intend to buy a hybrid for their next vehicle. Although a third of drivers are not considering hybrids at all, more than half of them would reconsider, especially if the initial costs were lower.


  • Michael Sivak Brandon Schoettle (2014) “What Do Current Owners Of Hybrids And Non-Hybrids Think About Hybrids?” (UMTRI-2014-25) 



We had 3 TMC Hybrids in the family for almost 2 years and are 100% satisfied. Next generation Hybrids, with lighter bodies and more efficient batteries, will be even better.

Many of the next generation TMC Hybrids will do 60 mpg.

If 1/3 of current USA ICEV owners bought Hybrids, it would create a huge market and certainly reverse the recent increase in fuel consumption per mile/Km travelled.

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