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SolarCity and Honda to finance $50M more in solar projects for Honda and Acura customers and dealerships

SolarCity and Honda have renewed their partnership with a new fund expected to finance $50 million in solar projects. The new commitment will make solar power more affordable and available to Honda and Acura customers and dealerships in the US. The $50-million fund is a follow-up to a $65-million fund the companies created in 2013. (Earlier post.) The companies have already completed or initiated a range of solar projects for homeowners, dealerships and corporate facilities that total more than 12.5 MW of solar generation capacity.

The two companies have already brought enough solar capacity online to offset more than 400 million pounds of CO2 over a 30-year lifecycle.

The partnership, which is aimed at addressing air pollution and global climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and particulate emissions from home, business and transportation energy use, covers the cost of solar equipment and installation and makes it possible for many homeowners to pay less for solar electricity than they pay for electricity from utilities, with insurance, repairs and monitoring service included.

Envisioning a future in which personal mobility products will be powered in large part by renewable energy, the two companies have begun implementing co-marketing programs that specifically encourage owners of either solar-powered homes or plug-in electric vehicles to adopt the complementary product. The companies have also collaborated on advanced projects that demonstrate the full potential of distributed renewables combined with plug-in electric vehicles, including Honda Smart Home US. (Earlier post.) SolarCity installed the high-efficiency and cost-effective solar system used in this project.

SolarCity has developed a proprietary system that has greatly simplified the process by which homeowners can go solar. From an initial phone call or Web consultation, SolarCity can quickly assess whether a homeowner is a good candidate for solar, and can design a custom solar system to meet a customer’s specific energy needs. Honda and Acura customers and dealers interested in solar can find more information at www.hondasolarcity.com.



It seems then that on occasion Musk can master his dislike of fuel cell advocates.


Maybe, but in Honda's case the "fuel cell advocates" are also BEV & PHEV advocates. And solar powered house advocates.


Although Honda have supplied the Fit EV strictly as a compliance car, if they have ever advocated BEVs or PHEVs then I have missed it.


Sadly true, but that doesn't mean Elon can't work his magic on them. It all depends on the feedback they get from their customers. Ultimately, Honda will go where the sales take them.

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