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CEA inaugurates biomass-to-syngas platform as part of Syndièse biofuels program

France’s CEA inaugurated the biomass-to-syngas (BtS) platform that will be used in the larger Syndièse second-generation biofuel program. Syndièse the program aims to build a pre-industrial biomass-to-liquids (BtL) demonstrator BtL that can process 10 tons of biomass per hour. The challenge is to integrate a complete chain of processes on a single site to industrial size and validate the economic viability of this lignocellulosic biofuels industry.

The BtS technology—known Syndièse-BtS—was produced in collaboration with the group Air Liquide. This technology platform will be accessible to other academic and industry stakeholders involved in the development of equipment and, more broadly, pretreatment processes and biomass conversion.

The CEA site where the platform is located spans thirty hectares and employs three experts responsible for the operation of the plant.

This project falls within the framework of economic assistance for the ANDRA laboratory under the law of 28 June 2006 and has reaffirmed the support of the state, local and regional authorities and local actors.



10 tons of biomass per hour

But this CAN not be done and SHOULD not be done, these fools just don't listen to the one self proclaimed "expert" who posts on here!

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