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GM set September sales record in China; passed 20M cumulative sales

In September, General Motors and its joint ventures in China had their second-best month of 2014; domestic sales rose 15.2% on an annual basis to 319,936 units, an all-time high for the month. During September, GM and its joint ventures also surpassed 20 million cumulative sales in China.

Shanghai GM and SAIC-GM-Wuling as well as all of their brands had record September domestic sales. Shanghai GM’s sales were up 19.6% year on year to 158,792 units and SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales increased 14.5% to 159,906 units. FAW-GM’s sales were down 73.8% to 1,238 vehicles.

Buick’s September sales in China increased 17.8% on an annual basis to 83,638 units. Sales of the original Excelle family rose 9.9% to 29,549 units and sales of the Excelle XT and GT rose 10.1% to 21,636 units. In addition, sales of the Regal and Encore totaled 10,491 units and 6,988 units respectively.

Chevrolet sales in China came in at 68,347 units in September, an increase of 19.3% year on year. The brand was led by the Cruze, which benefited from the launch of a new-generation model. The nameplate generated sales of 24,256 units. It was followed by the Sail, which had sales of 19,825 units. Demand for the Malibu rose 34.0% to a September record 11,812 units.

Cadillac sales in China increased 51.4% from September 2013 to 6,807 units. Its best-selling models were the XTS and SRX, which had sales of 2,971 units and 2,556 units respectively.

Wuling sales in China totaled 135,128 units in September, an increase of 4.2% year on year, as sales of the Hong Guang family grew 18.4% to 60,652 units. Baojun sales during the month jumped 147.1% to 24,778 units. Demand for the Baojun 730 MPV was a very strong 21,016 units in its second month on the market.

GM’s performance in September took its sales in China for the first nine months of the year to 2,581,130 units, an increase of 11.6% on an annual basis and a record for the period. Shanghai GM’s domestic sales rose 10.6% to 1,228,740 units, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales grew 13.9% to 1,318,080 units and FAW-GM’s sales were down 17.2% to 33,998 vehicles.

During the first nine months of 2014, Buick sales rose 10.7% year on year to 670,999 units, Chevrolet sales were up 6.9% to 505,316 units, Cadillac sales increased 62.6% to 52,425 units, Wuling sales grew 13.7% to 1,236,511 units and Baojun sales increased 17.9% to 81,569 units.



How on God's gray earth does the US taxpayer have to front about 100 $billion bailing out GM, it's Delco parts, Mrs Romney's 'blind trust' $millions, future tax breaks, etc. and lose tens of $billions being 'paid back' while GM sells 20 million cars in China and spends most the bailout money building China auto plants?

Nice crime if you can get it.

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