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Freescale introduces world’s smallest integrated tire pressure monitoring system

Freescale Semiconductor introduced the FXTH87 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) family—the smallest integrated package TPMS solution available at an extremely light weight of 0.3 grams. The FXTH87 family is 50% smaller than competing products, helping designers reduce overall bill of materials costs.

Freescale’s newest TPMS system-in-package solution provides low power consumption combined with a high level of functional integration in one package, featuring a dual-axis accelerometer architecture; pressure and temperature sensor; integrated MCU; RF transmitter and low frequency receiver.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 23,000 accidents and 535 vehicle fatalities occur each year involving flat tires or blowouts, which TPMS systems help prevent by ensuring proper tire inflation monitoring. In addition, properly inflated tires improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, resulting in many regions worldwide, including the United States, European Union, China, Japan and Taiwan, to begin requiring TPMS in new vehicles. According to IHS iSuppli, TPMS will represent more than 25% of the total pressure measurement market for automotive sensors by 2015.

In TPMS, size and weight are critical, because the system is installed on the car’s tire. We are offering a one-of-a-kind solution that can help improve the safety and efficiency of virtually every car on the road.

—Babak Taheri, vice president and general manager for Freescale’s sensors solutions division

Enclosed in a 7 x 7 x 2.2 mm package, the FXTH87 family provides the smallest footprint available, enabling form factors for tire pressure sensor module developers to reduce the weight and overall bill of materials costs. The industry’s lowest RF power consumption at 7 mA ldd significantly extends battery life.

Both the single- and dual-axis accelerometer options improve accuracy and facilitate more precise tire localization implementation and universal interoperability for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket applications. The integrated MCU and dedicated firmware offer the largest customer flash memory at 8 KB, increasing application flexibility and reducing time to market.

The FXTH87 TPMS family is available now for a suggested resale price starting at US$3.45 to $3.62 in 10,000-piece quantities.


Brent Jatko

Technology that can save lives and time at a minimal cost.

Good to see it.

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