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XL Hybrids, Inc. announced that fleet customers of its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System retrofit system have logged a cumulative total of four million on-road miles.

Customers are driving their service, delivery and cargo fleets more than 500,000 miles per month, a number that is increasing monthly. XL Hybrids said it would provide more detail during the Southeast Alternative Fuels Conference, 23 October.

Our customers enjoy a quick adoption rate because the XL3 system doesn’t need any special plugs, charging or fueling infrastructure. Fleet managers can retrofit existing fleet vehicles or order new vans with our charge-sustaining hybrid electric powertrains. Fleets immediately benefit from cost savings of 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

—Clay Siegert, co-founder and vice president of supply chain for XL Hybrids


The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive for passenger and cargo vans requires less than a $10,000 investment. The simple, fail-safe system provides fleets with 99.9 percent uptime due to the post-transmission, parallel design, the company said.


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Yes, some say it is just a "niche" so ignore it, to them it is of no value. Add up all those niches and you have part of a real solution.

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