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Ioxus, a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for use in transportation, industrial and energy applications, announced results of an extensive durability test of its flagship hybrid bus product, the 48 Volt (V) / 165 Farad (F) module. (Earlier post.) Ioxus said that the data reaffirmed its belief that its modules significantly outpace competitors including Maxwell, in thermal and vibration durability testing.

The 48V/165F modules perform at optimal levels in durability. Results include:

  • Shock/Vibration. Ioxus has passed SAE: J2380, ISO – 16750-3 (Table 12 & 14). This means that the Ioxus products have withstood 96 hours of testing at almost 4 times the g rate as the Maxwell module. The Maxwell datasheet only certifies passing the SAE J2380, which is the least invasive of three tests for vibration.

    Standard SAE 2380 ISO 16750-3
    Table 12
    ISO 16750-3
    Table 14
    Frequency (Hz) 10-200 10-2000 10-2000
    Vertical MAX RMS acceleration (g) 1.90 5.90 2.17
    Longitudinal Max RMS acceleration (g) 1.50 5.90 1.20
    Later Max RMS acceleration (g) 1.50 5.90 1.34
    Total test time (h) 92.6 96 96
  • Thermal. The following table shows the temperature increase in the modules, when starting the modules at ambient temperature (23 °C), while continuously cycling with 120A RMS. The lower temperature increase in the Ioxus modules leads directly to a longer life, as temperature is one of the leading factors in determining the life of an ultracapacitor.

      Air Velocity Maxwell Ioxus Ioxus C˚ cooler
    With heat sinks .5 m/s 23.9 ˚C 18.5 ˚C 5.4 ˚C
    3.5 m/s 9.5 ˚C 7.3 ˚C 2.2 ˚C
    Without heat sinks .5 m/s 34.6 ˚C 24.7 ˚C 9.9 ˚C
    3.5 m/s 17.1 ˚C 11.3 ˚C 5.8 ˚C


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