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Mercedes-Benz is now making its Crosswind Assist driver assistance function available as a retrofit solution for numerous variants of the Sprinter. The most important prerequisite is that the vehicle must be fitted with the current version of Adaptive ESP, available since January 2012. Almost all owners of vehicles built between 2012 and mid-2013 are therefore now able to retrofit this highly effective safety feature to their vehicle.

The mid-2013 model change saw Crosswind Assist become part of the standard specification of all the most common Sprinter variants.

Crosswind Assist is one of five new safety systems that last year saw the new Sprinter advance into a completely new dimension of safety technology in the van segment. Its sensors detect forces acting on the vehicle from buffeting crosswinds—be it on a bridge or when overtaking a truck. Through a brake actuation via ESP at the wheels of the vehicle side facing the wind, a yaw motion develops and counteracts the crosswind interference. The track offset is thus significantly reduced.

This results in tangible relief of strain for the driver. Their feeling of safety and comfort increases, and inappropriate driver reactions in gusts of wind are prevented.

An indicator lamp in the instrument cluster draws the driver’s attention to the system’s intervention. The Crosswind Assist is activated from a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph).

Mercedes-Benz dealerships will provide customers in their area with information about the specific options for and procedures involved in arranging professional retrofitting. In all cases retrofitting is an inexpensive solution that, in Germany for example, costs less than €200, including installation.

Since 2013 Mercedes-Benz has been the only manufacturer to offer Crosswind Assist as standard on a vehicle in the Large Van category.


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