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Daimler moovel using IBM cloud infrastructure for car2go

Daimler subsidiary moovel GmbH is using cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM Company, for its car-sharing mobile application car2go to allow the company to better serve its customers around the world by helping them find the least expensive or fastest way to travel.

The moovel GmbH portfolio includes the car2go and car2go black car sharing services, the Park2gether platform and the moovel smartphone app. car2go is available in 26 cities in Europe and North America and has more than 800,000 customers. The app analyzes the offerings of transportation services such as the railroad, bike rental, taxis and car sharing to find the best way to travel and offers users different suggested routes depending on their preference of speed, cost or comfort.

moovel GmbH will leverage managed services from IBM, including DevOps services, to bridge the gap between application development and IT operations. IBM’s managed and DevOps services will allow moovel GmbH to accelerate the development of software and updates for its mobility services.

In addition, deploying car2go on SoftLayer’s high-performance cloud platform enables moovel GmbH to deliver its smartphone app to users around the world securely and reliably. With complete visibility into the workloads running on SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure, moovel GmbH is able to help its customers sort, analyze and make sense of massive amounts of data to deliver insights on the best suggested routes in seconds.

IBM is continuing to invest in high growth area and has built the most expansive cloud portfolio—spanning IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service)—to aid enterprise clients in their transition to the Cloud. Specifically, in 2014 alone, IBM invested in and launched:

  • A global network of 40 cloud centers to deliver SoftLayer IAAS to every major financial market.

  • Bluemix, IBM’s PaaS, enabling millions of enterprise developers to build solutions for the hybrid cloud era.

  • The IBM Cloud marketplace which provides easy access to the full range of IBM-as-a-service capabilities for line of business, IT and software development professionals with a few clicks and the swipe of a credit card.

SoftLayer’s high-performance cloud infrastructure is built for the enterprise and can be customized to adjust IT infrastructures at any time to the different services or market requirements of its customers. It does so by offering a combination of different deployment models, a built in private network, complete visibility across workloads and a flexible pay-as-you-go price model.

car2go is the first carsharing system in the world without fixed rental locations thus creating a new segment: smart fortwo cars can be rented anywhere and at any time for a reasonable price. car2go vehicles can be located and booked spontaneously via a smartphone app or the website. car2go currently operates in 26 locations worldwide with 11,000 smart fortwo cars. car2go black is Germany’s first entirely smartphone-based premium carsharing service and uses Mercedes-Benz B-Class cars. The service works with fixed parking points where customers can start and finish the rental. The service started in February 2014 with 200 cars in Berlin and Hamburg.

With the moovel brand, moovel GmbH offers an intuitive smartphone app that enables customers to compare various mobility options on the basis of several parameters, and then choose the best options for traveling from Point A to Point B. The company’s other activities include Park2gether, an innovative solution for searching and reserving parking spaces in cities, and the creation of carsharing services for commercial fleets.


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